Core Values


Spend four years examining the ethical implications of knowledge and individual responsibility in making the world better. Learn to evaluate the impact of individual and collective actions manifested in social and political policies.

Social Responsibility In Action.

  • The Feminist Coalition (FemCo): Plans events, hosts speakers and sparks conversation to combat gender inequality.
  • Jumpstart: Work with kids and learn about the importance of early childhood education.
Pitzer Social Responsibility


Pitzer College Intercultural Understanding

Comprehend issues and events through cultural lenses beyond your own. From Los Angeles to Botswana to Nepal, be educated to succeed and thrive in an ever-changing global community.

Intercultural Understanding In Action.

  • International Place: An active international multicultural center sponsoring community events and field trips.
  • International Community: Over 10% of our students are international and 30% of our full-time faculty were born outside the U.S.
Core Values Intercultural Understanding


Learn to make immediate connections among academic disciplines. Scientists, sociologists, historians, writers and artists often teach courses together.

Interdisciplinary Learning In Action.

  • Blended Sciences: First-year science courses combine biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Field Groups: Instead of traditional departments, faculty from diverse programs form field groups to help you explore how academic disciplines intersect.
Core Values Interdisciplinary Learning
Pitzer College Interdisciplinary Learning


Pitzer Student Engagement

Be active—in college governance, for instance. Help make decisions on everything from academic policies and faculty hiring to public art displays and building design.

Student Engagement In Action.

  • Distinct Student Government: Students sit on and have a vote on all governance committees.
  • Student Run Venues: The Shakedown Café is entirely student-run, as is the Grove House and the nearby organic gardens—complete with freerange chickens.
Core Values Student Engagement


Live among drought-resistant, native plants and in LEED-certified sustainable buildings. Engage in daily activities, programs and studies to ensure you leave the environment and the world stronger than you found it.

 Environmental Sustainability In Action.

  • Green Bike Program: A student-run organization created to promote cycling, bike safety and sustainability.
  • Farm to Fork: The dining hall food is organic, travels less than 150 miles to campus and is prepared within 48 hours of being harvested.
Core Values Environmental Responsibility
Pitzer College Environmental Sustainability
Pitzer College Core Values